new meaningfuls

new meaningfuls will come. worry not,
they will come
the cardboard box in the garage
will not take it all –
new meaningfuls will come

angling high and wish-washed dry
the world will give you hands again –
offer you a petal – say cherish this one too

new river dreams will come –
new sandwiched toes between the mud
new hearts red-rich and filled with stories-old
will come;
will be made new again

new meaningfuls will come –
the past will not walk away
with everything –
you have more years to grasp; you have more years to grasp,

gather, gain, grimace and sing


Did I tell you about the light?

fascinating fastening footsteps in my dreams. in my dreams i dreamed a whole set of words strung together in sense…but the waves wake you up and the windows wash down. we’ve moved, we’ve moved the television cried. the apple-bottom side of the couch coughed. the sequins of the sequence of steps from here to there kept creeping. kept winding the windows away from me. new shutters i’ve got. that shutter on impact, couple on the side, and curve at the light. new floorboards – cherry red and ash brown. new fireplaces without any fire. a bath without a stopper on the drain. a mud room not yet caked in mud. i’ve got 4 new burners on the stove, sinking their teeth into pots – waiting to be covered in overflow. i haven’t got enough lamps yet, but the windows – did i tell you about the windows? the light – did i tell you about the light? the way it washes down the windows? the way it washes this house new? did i tell you about the way the light washes my life?