new meaningfuls

new meaningfuls will come. worry not,
they will come
the cardboard box in the garage
will not take it all –
new meaningfuls will come

angling high and wish-washed dry
the world will give you hands again –
offer you a petal – say cherish this one too

new river dreams will come –
new sandwiched toes between the mud
new hearts red-rich and filled with stories-old
will come;
will be made new again

new meaningfuls will come –
the past will not walk away
with everything –
you have more years to grasp; you have more years to grasp,

gather, gain, grimace and sing


“Embrace the pain that growth requires. This endangered, fragile world of ours is in need of your sincere search for meaning, your ability to take and return the basilisk’s gaze; it needs your active love and your joyful offering of the full diversity of all of your gifts. May you find yourself by giving of yourself; may you become who you are by helping others become who they are; and may you start tomorrow, carried forward by the active love of everyone who is with you here tonight.”