beyond language

She comes in waves ; pinks strutting in a parking lot ; waves of white daffodils ; purples that graze the sides of your feet // if you are lucky enough to be barefoot and let the earth touch you, you can fall through the dirt like water ; you can plant yourself everyday , and stretch , stemmed and leafed and waking towards the sky ; if you are lucky enough to be on this planet, you get to open your eyes everyday to the White of a cloud or the hum of an april rain — you get to listen when the atmosphere drops as a storm comes rolling in and out ;; you get to watch, every spring, as an unimaginable globe spurts alive like some bewitchment you couldn’t fathom in your wildest fantasy — things coming alive, pulled by a star 93 million miles away; old light coming to pull seeds out of a blanket of earth all on their own, no motors, no algorithm, just the deep instruction beyond language