pearls upon your cheeks

you are bouncing down the street and snow is falling slowly ; so slowly you can see the lack of rhythm pressing itself against the canvas of the atmosphere / the metronome is stuck right in the center , and we are all on the edge of the earth looking at the way rain comes back down in so many pieces;; I watch the yellow green grass slowly turn white; the cold bundle itself in the trunks of trees // the bark skin grows tattoos of cream and silver ; all the pine glistens, the chopped edges of branches: an opening – our glassy consciousness now a slow motion ripple of words falling into a blanket ; you are still laughing down this empty street ; tucked into our tiny corner of the world, you do not care what I am writing, you just care about the way the flakes of snow whisker upon your eyelashes and place themselves like pearls upon your cheeks ; you laugh and gasp and grasp towards the sky ; you dig your bare hands into the freeze as if the cold was just another friend come to play // victorious with only a spoon, you are serving snow soup to all the imaginary creatures that live on an upturned rock / humming sounds and sound effects the only language you need to speak to the snow , and here, in the silence of this swollen lullaby, the snow speaks back

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