no beginning and no end

Solstice sunset – pull home the light – stretch it from here to there in cosmic elongation –– the season breathing towards me ; a series of breaths of the purest oxygen beset the new day ; the summer falling towards me like an old promise ; howling towards endless Love ; resolute romance of the sky ; the walking feet of a ferris wheel that no longer spins in this season of solitude and separation / The strangest summer we have ever greeted ; the longest way towards the indefinite horizon we have ever watched go sinking just passed our line of vision ;; Greet the season today ; send farewell to the light and let the flight into this new heat take us past where our awareness has not yet met with these eyes or this pair of hands / teach me the tools of the unfolding of newness which approaches me as I approach it / teach me to walk into the solstice midnight –– to the dawn stretch of starlight –– as long as it will last; as long as we move towards endless newness ; towards endless rebirth ; and the cycles which move us endlessly on the great wheel which has no beginning and no end

From here to there

Long though the hands of time may be short though the berth of justice be ; the length it takes to travel around the sun ; the heart it takes to win back what was once won ;; long though the journey still may be — blood-stained though the past may be ;; that beloved community:: I believe in it // within the future // the distant forgiveness, the endless love in all directions, the true nature we are supposed to be ;; when we have burned the trauma from our DNA ; when we have somehow peeled, cell by cell, the damage from all the ages past ; burned it out of our livers and flooded our brains with new chemistry ;; when we have spoken our way towards the new consciousness ; when we have thought our way towards the whole heart ;;; when we have believed ourselves towards the new world ;; when we have created it, crafted it, molded it with our own hands ,, closer to the light then the light has ever felt our presence before ,, when the length of the shadow cast is wide enough to hold all of our history , our pain , our injustice ; when we put all of our energy towards creating that beloved community ; that new species of human which we are not yet ; that evolved homosapien which remembers us of the past with full clarity but absolute horror ; when we have wiped violence from our feet, from every step we take ; when we dig up the old pillars: the stones buried deep: ganong Padang gobekli tepe // the firmness of the sun whose light was never meant to be bent or broken or reflected off of a plate glass window on Wall Street ; the sun, whose motion across the sky is supposed to be honored, heralded, remarked upon in awe ;; the sun, who kissed our skins, who dealt us vitamin D and melanin and the illusion of time, of season, the false promise of a day, the self-centered neurosis that our star is the only star, or the half-baked memory that the sun orbits us, and not the other way around — all the thousands of illusions that have brought us here, and have brought us away from the clear truth that we are, we are, we are, this dirt, this soil, this section of cosmic dust in the vastness of space — this warmth, a reflection of old light flying towards us from a distance we cannot fathom ;; the sheer burning of a collapsing star we cannot fathom ;; the absolute grace of this day we cannot hold on to ;; the dream of a beloved community we cannot create if we don’t dream towards — if we don’t take our hands and every breath we take and every movement we make another movement towards creating that beloved community — if we are not moving like the light of the sun across distant dreams to a planet we cannot touch yet —- if we can send our light farther and farther then the night sky can take from us, perhaps we can illuminate another world far far away from us ;;; perhaps our light can reach that far too ;;; perhaps we can illuminate the world of the future too, as far distant from us as the sun is from us / if the sun can do it, why can’t we ;;;; start somewhere, start creating the light, leaning in to the light, and never lose sight of it, in the cold dark vastness of space we must travel through to get from here to there 

And back again