youth on wheels

we are a muss-puddle of new words, new feet, new tramplings over new memories. we are a mud-liscious appetite for Florida summer storms on the horizon, dousing us in hurricane-heavy rain. we are a pair of cousins again, two feet, one feet, 6-feet-tall and four-legged between us. we step in stride again, theme-park pouncing and twirled hair tingling. we are thorough – pummeling through the parade of perishable presences – a thousand attractions filling our eyes, 3D-virtual-reality rolling through the richness of our grown-up heads – somehow believable, somehow believing. we are wizard wheezing – full set decor and finely tuned magic miracle-ing about us like youth on wheels. we are a seussical – a weird oracle of happenings/herculean and hopping mad. we are walking, walking, walking/youth on wheels – pummeling an amusement park with bemusement, wizened eyes that still turn on their sides and a cynical laugh towards commercialism. capitalism flying high – turncoats and tophats a-plenty, begging for profit on every street corner – shameless and slimy – replete and resplendent in its rapacious glory. all a-flutter, all a-twitter, the unabashed decadence of a country in demise, the repulsive resonance of every chord being strung at once – the strange music of a tightrope on fire saying walk this way, walk this way, we have nets to catch your fallen possessions. we have possessions to catch your fallen souls. we have souls to keep possessed. we have amusement to magic you away. we have magic to mirror reality. we have reality to rush you in circles. to tire your legs. to tie up your legs. to get wheels on your feet. to get your feet replete with the dance, with the circle, with the need to get wheels on your feet. we have youth on wheels. we dance for tips. we tip for youth. we spin in circles to watch you spin in circles. so you’re always too dizzy to catch your feet. to catch your breath. to breathe.

we are a muss-puddle of new words, new feet, new tramplings. we find new ways to breathe in our own new rhythms. we find new breaths to breathe in between.


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