radiance, only radiance. words and love or something borrowed. something bulging at the seams. something that seems to be something worth its weight in wind. something worth winding up.

i flew south past Philadelphia…let all the drifting baubles of the city turn to speckled doorknobs from the oval-escent window. i watched the dappled of sunset spills across the top of the clouds. the sea of white lily pads waiting to transform. to carry. to bundle together and release rain. waiting for light to be cast on their backs. the light, i presume, from what i could see, must have shone through the back to the front of the clouds – so that my tiny lovers on the ground could see what i saw too – but backwards and sideways and instantaneously.

up here i’m flying higher than fear. fear has no place in this landscape.

“You never know when you will encounter magic. Some solitary moment in a park can suddenly burst open with a spray of pre-school children in high-vis vests, hand in hand; maybe the teacher will ask you for directions, and the children will look at you, curious and open, and you’ll see that they are perfect. In the half-morning half-gray glint, the cobwebs on bushes are gleaming with such radiant insistence, you can feel the playful unknown beckoning. Behind impassive stares in booths, behind the indifferent gum chew, behind the car horns, there is connection.” – Russell Brand, Revolution

morning light now, i am all curled in the fires of travel. i am all wandering through the winter of this bright warmth. this elegant radiance. this fiery purpose train. all the ways the wind still tries to woo me. and here i am, new orleans tumbled with bright city pride. Louisiana swelling with warm southern grace. here i am, little southern wanderer. wandering towards something worth discovering. and everything is, you know. everything is always worth discovering, if you open your eyes wide enough.

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