Somewhere love is growing faster than the insipid hand of materialism. The relegation of repudiation to the ringlets of time. Ringing out rules and regulations faster than you can say “right” versus wrong. It’s all about the turns – right, left and u-turn. Gas pedal, gas lobby, hobby lobby, ding dong. The chime is ringing. The clock is nearing. Inauguration day is peering – like a room without doors. Here I sit in the middle and I know it’s all a dream. It’s all the finite minutiae of a feather falling quickly, quietly, questionless-ly.

In the center of the circle, can we press the button…the rewind, re-wire, fresh mind, mind-the-gap, the wage gap, the equality revolution, the resonance of radio-active inaction. The actionable consequences of a congress incoherent and no longer congruent to the concentrated coalescence of a collective? What happened to the collective? Where is the consciousness of a great cornerstone of culture? Where is culture? Where is the American identity? Who took it, bandaged it up and re-branded it? Who is selling the brand of American identity back to us?


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