Radiance or light or something I finally remembered that I love unconditionally. The stage lights – my skin drinking them in for sustenance – saving stardust nutrients for the long winter. Squirreling away the glow of the audience for the inevitable hibernation. This show – red and dappled diamonds, spindling glamor and vivid lines – rhinestones and pantyhose – chunky black heels and ice-white wig. Headpieces with lace and elbow-length gloves. Furs and draperies and clutches. The words that wilt out of your mouth in clipped Trans-Atlantic. Levels and emotion, fire and ice. Wheels and wonder and words – so many words. 1930’s splendor and all the glory of all that glitters. Glory, glory, I am grateful. So grateful. Let me breathe it in just a tiny bit more. Let me bake my skin in stage lights – the warmth will shatter the winter.


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