I’m afraid to even open the can of worms because I fear I would go and go and go and never stop. I am filled to the brim. I am consumed. I am drowning in this election and in the corruption of this country. In the webs of delusions being spun around our feet. In the blind bats bouncing bundles of darkness in every direction. I am seized by the darkness and I cannot look away. And I cannot keep swimming through information. Getting myself stuck deep in the muck and mire of the world. Fishing out our rotted democracy from the hands of those who are willing to speak out and speak up. And I know not what to do. And I see no clear path from here to righteousness. And I see no justice. And I see no honesty or way of achieving principles. I am disappointed and I am depressed by it. I am deceived and I am woke and I am waking up to the most devastating reality of our world. The sham of the sham of the sham. And the greatest shame is that it is real. And the greatest shame is how impossible it is to fight. How deeply enmeshed everyone is. How wildly powerless we all are. How profoundly fast the world is eating itself alive. How profoundly fast we are racing towards something I will never be ready for.

Or perhaps, most scarily of all, I am already quite ready indeed.

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