Sometimes fire will follow you for days without ever letting you know where it is chasing you to.

Jamie is a bundle of golden nerve springs and wild-word discoveries. He keeps pounding his little feet into the earth of this moment and I keep wishing I could capture what it is to be here, now. With him, every day. To be two. To be gazing so lovingly at all the small shapes and new words. To be so full of light, so full of love. So boundless with energy. So thrilled for the day. So untempered by fear. And the way his small hands grab towards my skin with such aching. The actual reality of living and breathing inside these precious moments is more poetry than I could try to describe. It is too much. It is too grand. Too perfect and too present. So I will keep being here. I will keep trying to be present. Trying to hold on. Trying to see clearly. And trying to love wholly. Deeply. Honestly.

Thank you for this wild unfolding.


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