San Diego night sky and all the promises the stars have yet to keep.

Somewhere soft and silent, dreams are tipping out. Cotton candy thick and wild with cardboard cities. Somewhere elegant and true, I’m meeting me and meeting you all over again and all over again and for the first time. Somewhere sun-drenched and wild, California is stretching out its hands to the Pacific – splaying out some silent, ancient prayer of land to sea. See, see, the water knows the waves. See, see, the sea is silent and complete. Never a drop out of place.

All the world replete with diamond-crusted starlight. And all my heartstrings pulling me towards the earth like gravity on a balloon. All the powerlines. All the highways carving right through the desert. All the soil displaced. All the water being pumped from far away basins gone dry. All the wonder of the sky.

Love is still here in this dark night. Love is still peering over your shoulder, waiting to roost in your hair. Waiting to settle the score with time and the ferocity of grace.

Let me keep humbling myself to that sky. Let me keep mumbling myself towards the road. Let me keep tumbling myself down my path. Let me keep going. Let me keep growing. And knowing nothing at all but the sound of my feet on the pavement that keeps changing. Lantern eyes and loveskin drenched in starlight. Stretch me over the sagging ozone-skin of the earth and leave me to dry in this new morning’s dew. Teach me how to be new. How to have eyes and how to use them. Teach me how to be you. And let me learn to love all the moments in between. The ones that wake you up between the eyes and shake you up between your spine. Let me learn how to love all the moments in between.


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