Which California sky is the truest, and which will lead you home? Which sky is this sky if all skies still fly in the clear blue horizon?

San Diego and the world is bright, sunny and clear. The ground is desperate for water and the sky is cloudless as can be. Family is strange and strained and splaying out. Jamie is jolting and jostling and jumping and running through words like candy and fire. Jamie is looking out towards the water and letting the ocean teach him about grandeur. I am loving holding his small body while I can, while it is little, while it fits in my arms, while he still clings to me like I am his rock, his sturdy roots, his stable home. I am flying and floating and I am trying to learn every strange piece that I am supposed to learn. Everything is clear water and salty skin. Let me begin again.

Were we always dragging ourselves towards this moment?


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