All the words that flutter around his mouth. All the ways he learns – quickfire, certain, on pace with his own unique rhythm. Bold, so bright. The way his face lights up like oxygen when passion strikes through him like air. This little being of love and light and fire. These two years on earth. That July night, at 12:52am that I birthed him into this world. This past year, so wild, so vast. Stretching out beneath my fingertips, too many moments to caught. Too much growth, vivid eyes, permanent smiles. Words forming in his mouth, in his mind. Learning to walk, to run, to grasp, to open, to taste a taste for things. To unwrap the world and take it into your hands. All of the little running moments. To, fro, here, there. So much love bounding out. Happy birthday to this boy, happy birthday to this life we have together. Happy birthday to love and happy birthday to all things born again in the night. That we all may bound out with love. Like scampering toddler feet learning how to run. Let us always be learning how to run, how to fly, how to speak, how to communicate and how to love. Let us be young again, and begin again. Let us begin at all. At last.


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