Stars, how could you have forgotten? Stars, how could I have forgotten? The way the sea of dark and light stretches over you like a gauzy truth worth tucking into. How your brilliant wishes still hang on the precipice of the night sky. How the world unfolds and unfolds and unravels and travels you down the dizzying places of the world and still – and still – finds you here under this same night sky. The great equalizer. The great speakeasy of the universe – pouring down that effortless poetry from the cathedral ceiling above us. Dear stars, I never want to be without you.

I’m in love with these mountains, I’m in love with this air. I catapult myself through the trajectory of this landscape and I find myself rushing still like the lake, furrowing deep like the boulders and smuggling high like the trees themselves – bandits of light and swallowers of CO2. I love racing adventure faster than it can keep pace with me and I love finding myself in a new discovery, falling over a balcony, sipping up cupfuls of stars, dowsing myself in craggy cliff sides and staring up at that darkness at the stroke of night. I love being separated. From that swelling, swarming, seething world I live in. I love being here. Warmly washed with new words and waiting for the dawn to break on a new newness. Always fumbling towards discovery. Towards creation. Towards the created – this masterful world named nature that crumbles and glistens around me like magic architecture. Beckons like chants – saves like oxygen and sustains like heart. Bring me to the realness of things – to the full weight of the horizon pressing down on the wide spaces of your eyes no longer cluttered by cardboard and styrofoam. By flashing suburban trinket-town. Bring me to the fullness of things – the hurricane love of all things that grow and know and speak in silent languages through the soil and roots of this sun-drenched planet. Water me with things that speak this language – water, sun, air, growth. Give me that endless aching path towards everything there has always been.

And I will follow. With my heart in my hands and my hands holding fast to the promise of the light.

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