Gently splashed in the oxygen of this world, I am June. Love follows me through every blade of grass, and me, I’m in the center with a sideways heart peeling out of my spine. Love is the every-always answer. So let it be here. Raw, today, resonant.

Rapturous and green this season wraps its arms around me like furtive claws clamoring me out into the freedom of light. This season grasps me and grapples with time and wrests me from that resting place in luxury. Love wrestles me to the ground and the ground wrestles me to be better. The air, the dirt, the wide-scoping chin of the land presses up at me for a kiss – I reject. I pursue. I run hot with envy and trail fever through the narrow passageways of the season. I run hot through this season – fire ball haired and skin savaged with sun. Somehow always, something is growing. Something is reaching towards that More that keeps funneling light through the sky. I furrow myself into a ball and roll myself through the open-crested blue of the sky. I let myself cloud like an army of water droplets. I crowd myself with hope and let my energy stretch my spine across the sand of the ocean. Across, across, across, lifting up and out, stretching ancient like wings fumbling across the sky – this is the movement of the season. Up, up, and endlessly beyond. Try and chase the season – or let it chase you – it will always move faster than the speed of light. The season of light is the season beyond speed.


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