Life of this strange and wonderful world, please let me breathe just a little bit longer. Please let the spring days swell to the brim, fold over and collapse as summer swims in. Please let this little piece of my life last longer. Please let me sit inside of this warmth, this glow of new light, this peace of hot hope…just a little bit longer, just a little bit longer. Let it linger, let it listen to me and let me listen to it. Let me listen to the world sing. Today and all days. Let me remember how to hope. How to be that girl with wide eyes, open hands and bare feet. Pounding across pavement with something to say and something to write and something to discover. Let me be that youthful gaze again. That love-filled lingerer. Let me linger. And remind me how to hold on. How to cherish. How to savor. How to breathe deep and let the oxygen melt into my cells. Remind me how to full again.

And please help me to write again.

Oh and my birthday. So now I am 26. So now I am peeling through my days. And what love, and what family, and what friendship and what grace has been given. And what thanks can I possibly give to such a world that allowed such love to be given to me? I need nothing.


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