Fuck that. Fuck everyone’s fucked up conceptions of love.


It is not some hierarchical, ineffable contorted thing held away from us. It is top the top rung. It is not differentiated between one thing or another – “oh that’s just infatuation” or “it’s not TRUE love”

No, fuck that shit. Love is all.

Love is open fucking arms to the wind. Love is elemental, electric, magnetic, surreal, sublime, mundane, slogging, slimy, addictive, horrifying, firm, soft, elegant, fiery, forceful and oblivious. Love is all things. Love is so much better and so much easier than we say. Stop getting in your head about it, stop blowing it up to be a demon that will haunt you. YOU will haunt you, if you let yourself…but not love. LOVE will create you, if you let it. Love will guide you. Love will inspire, bemuse, transform, translate and connect you. To all things,

Falling in love, being in love. Yes, these are sacred things. But they are not lofty. Elitist. Obtrusive. People’s minds, people’s psyche’s, people’s hang ups, people’s fears. Those can be obtrusive. Love is a goddess. Love is a healer. Love is an open door. Love is yes. Just yes. Yes to life, yes to all things good and growing. LOVE is not to be feared. Love is healer. Love is the only thing that makes sense to me.


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