Watching this Republican debate I can feel my insides churning with disgust. The hate spew and vitriol is depressing, to say the least. Horrifying, truly. And I snuggle Jamie back to bed and I wish I had a better world for him. I wish I had so much more for him. This isn’t the right world, baby, this is just a dream world. That place, that love, that place of partnership and honest understanding…it’s waiting for us baby. It’s waiting for you, baby. And I don’t know when or if we’ll ever get there, in reality or in our dreams…or in the next universe or the one hiding behind this one. Or in the multiple realities sliding along our atoms. But wherever that peaceable understanding is, that Great Love, it’s worth fighting for. It’s an ideal worth being called an idealist for. It’s hope in raw form. It’s all we have. Hope. And the fighting flame within us that says we can be better. We can do better. We can rise, like light, like storm, like feather, like smoke. We can rise. We can be so much better. Let’s hope for that. Let’s fight for that. You deserve it baby, the clear blue sky. And I do too. We all do. We the people. Of the united planet we all are stewards of. Of the beating heart of this species we are evolving into. The humanity that is worthy of this planet.

Give me hope or give me liberty. Give me both and nothing less.

Call me an idealist…at least I have something with fighting for.

Sharing this world, sharing this world. How come we don’t share this world we could never possibly deserve to own?

How could I bring a baby into this world? Because I have hope.

Because the fall from Eden comes, yes. Naturally, life is chaos and destruction. But also, there is hope.

Be a soldier for a better world. Whatever that may be.


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