Oh if only I could capture all those rustling sounds that whistle through a brain. Life and the oxygen of love. Sweet boy Jamie making leaps and bounds and connections and conscious awareness. Just running uphill. Connecting dots. What a fantastic thing to witness.

And snow, it’s silent white majesty. I love when nature wins. When she slams us to the ground and reminds us how small we are. How fast and powerful the earth is. The snow, the wind, the blinding light of white. All of the beautiful ways that winter smells. The light, that winter light. How it glows and flows through silent shadowed longings. How it hangs in the atmosphere like dew. Like petals unfurling inwards.

Sometimes the words in and of themselves are the thing.

I will never tire of this planet. The way it ebbs and spins, the way land gathers up in bunches, twists itself out at ravines, gallops up peaks, swells towards inlets and shores and sideways rock formations. The way it juts and juxtaposes. Erodes and corrodes and creates anew and anew and anew. The way it never dies. The way it is never afraid to die. The way it hungers for itself, swallows the sun each night and spills forth new birth every morning. The way it hollows out and pulls gravity towards it like ashen rain. Like a spinning wheel of a brain. I will never tire of the wind, the rain, the sublime hurricane of light and cloud that swarms through the tropopause. The way we are always held. Always and always in electromagnetic patience and photosynthetic regeneration. The way we are this earth, firebone teeth and radioactive blood. We are the branches and skin of this rolling mound of sound. We are, we are. The earth’s children that sit upon her body and know not where we came from. Forgetting, always forgetting. And she – forgiving, always forgiving. Leading, unfolding, caressing, digressing, collapsing. giving forth, shedding light. Being light, giving light. Being home. Being mother. Being here.

I will never tire of exploring this strange and magnificent planet. The perfect rock in the sky we’ve been born to.


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