Aaahhhhhh life. Life. Life. Hello sacred sky. Hello sacred moon. Hello sacred water.

Breaking from the ground in a plane, there’s an almost instant feeling of life just flooding in to my skin.

It feels like everything else in my life is a dream, and this finally, is real life again. To walk, to run, to wander, to see, to feel, to explore. To scratch the surface of the world. To discover. I am always in love with discovering.

And there’s this list, perhaps….all the reasons why. All the reasons why I’m here now, with this child, with this life pointing in this direction – no direction at all.


To awaken from the dream.

And now, the soft dull edges of the sky…the windsome movement of the clouds, the endless aching cracks in the earth, the fiery breath of the tide. All the things that come rushing towards you, and all the things that blow you away in the breeze. All the things that make you just cells. All the things that make you just soul. That sea. That soulwater. That way the bloody horizon makes me feel as if it is me – reflected back at me. The way the answers to everything that has ever been known is written on waves – in tempered textures that tick of time and in hidden heiroglyphs that reflect and refract…lines and scrapes and little bits of songs. LInes and light in the water. Laughing at me, saying you already know the answer.

Shellrock bone and twisted sand stone.


The fundamental problem with treating something as sacred as creativity with the same dominator mindset we approach everything with. It’s capitolistic. The way we approach everything. Thus we cannot live “Creative lives”…you’re either an artist- a successful one, or you’re simply an amateur. This is dangerous and debilitating thinking. It makes art elitist, separate, and as simplistic as profit margins. Binary – winning or losing. There are fundamental problems with the way we approach creativity, leading a creative life and leading a life at all. To create is everything. Gives us meaning and brings out that which is wholly unique to a singular being. The commodification of people’s lives into automaton jobs and mindless tasks without respect to the sheer humanity of it all – this is a crime. This is a problem. This is soul killing. And so we all run around – soulless and meaningless and afraid. Rather than curious and empowered and full. Subservient and consuming. Rather than creating. A lot of shit gets built and a lot of shit gets made and consumed, but not a lot gets created. Not a lot of new thoughts get created, either. So we build piles higher and higher and higher of nonsense that doesn’t mean anything to any of us. We forget that things ever meant anything. We forget that we ever meant anything.

So a creative life, creative living. Everyone has something to offer. A partnership society.

In my most idealistic of minds, this is what I am striving for by being a Waldorf teacher. Spreading the hope in the new generation that art is life. That creating is a natural act of our souls. That in creative living, you create something singular to you, and that is meaningful.

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