“People are always saying we’ve cheapened the concept of love by over-using the word, but I think those people have cheapened love by being so selective in giving it away. Love is not a special edition car or sneaker; its value doesn’t lie in its limited availability, but rather its refusal to die. I fall in love every day. With moments, gestures, books, foods, ideas, creations. And if I’m ever so fortunate to fall in love with someone who’s in love with me, I hope he’s done that too. I hope he’s loved people I’ll never meet and places I’ll never be. I don’t want to be someone’s everything. I want to be the dock he calls home. And I hope he’ll love every bird and fish and wave and wind and fear and triumph he encounters. What’s a boat for, if not to sail? And what’s a life for, if not to love?”


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