I literally have no idea what to say.

Are you kidding me right now?

Well I for one remember all the things you said. And I remember what happened. So.

Life is a strange gift that sits on the front of your stoop and waits for you to be able to stand. Love is a mother I was born to. Heart is a word that it seems only I can remember. Hope is a world within a world. Truth is a final wishless verse that repeats and repeats and repeats.

I’m ok, I promise. I’m a big strong girl with a big strong heart and three thousand stories to tell.

To my right there is a strange star whispering just out of view. And it sings of me and it sings of you and it sings of the view and it sings of all things bold and true. I am a little ball of wishes gone unwished and words gone unraveled and I almost know how to be a someone. Not yet, but almost.


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