“Well something’s lost but something’s gained in living everyday.”

It’s disgustingly beautiful out today. The farm is bulging at the seams and everything is flying all about. They said it was the busiest weekend they’ve ever had ever.

Bogad came to visit at the farm today. That was lovely. We have the strangest relationship ever.

The Terhune instagram has over 1,000 followers now. So I’m proud of that. It’s a perfectly awesome job, taking pictures when I can. Being a photographer. That’s awesome.

And I think I’m going to go on some auditions. Because why the fuck not. Jamie is asleep in the evenings anyway. I think I’m getting myself on the right track.

The kids all wanted to be called “Flounder” this morning. Being 6 is fun, I recall. And somehow while the teacher was gone I got them all to stand very quietly behind their desks and when she came in she said I was magical. I’m starting to get it. Slowly. Discipline is still so awkward for me. I sense they must sense that I really think it’s all bullshit. But I keep trying to assume this role. I think it’s a good idea to just take on a character. To just perform it. I think I would be much more comfortable if I thought about it that way.

Jamie is full on walking now. It just happened all of the sudden. And it’s amazing. And actually easier in a lot of ways. I love his bumbling little feet twisting around to try to find the ground. I love his little arms stretched out like a zombie trying to find balance. I love the way he plops to the ground. I love the look of crazed pride he has on his face when he walks successfully across the room. I love the fearlessness. I love watching him grow. I love all the new discoveries this stage is bringing. The world gets new and then new and then new again. And then new again.

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