I just know nothing anymore. All I know is that my mind has inverted and flipped upside down in the past few months. Everything I thought I wanted…I don’t even know a thing anymore. And it doesn’t feel bad. It feels slightly exhilarating. Like I haven’t really been honest with myself for a while now…and now I’m finding my footing again. In strange, strange, unknown territory.

I feel like everything might just dissolve at any given moment. Any one thing might just tip the balance and we’d just come crashing down. I don’t even know why we’re trying so hard to pretend like everything is ok.

It’s okay if you don’t agree on every stupid little thing…in fact I think it’s important that you don’t…just that you’re both pouring your energy in the same general direction.

I am looking up at Time as if it knows anything at all.

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