Oh me oh my. Will and Victoria and I went to Chestnut Hill last night…and boy what a thing it is to go back to Chestnut Hill. Just visceral, visceral feelings. The feeling of college soaked into all those stones that litter the streets. It’s amazing how meaning creates matter and how sacred moments seem endlessly elongated in memory. So that days feel more emotionally charged, meaningful and timeless than entire years. I always find that amazing.

I was also thinking about that visceral power of music…and the way that so many songs, feelings of songs, lyrics of songs and whole experiences of albums really shaped the way my brain welcomed the world. They were so, so formative and so integral to the way I view the world. I always find that amazing too.

I hate this feeling of feeling like a possession. I hate that instead of a feeling of a partnership…he makes me feel like a maid he’s acquired.


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