Last few moments of the year I suppose. Last breaths of such a wild year. The year I got married, the year I gave birth to my first child. There aren’t really any words in such a word-filled year. There is just awe, and gratitude and awareness that I need to live in the overwhelming light of gratitude with all my being. I need to focus, allow myself into the rapture and go, go, go tunneling through the crust of the earth to the juicy good stuff in the center. I need to love love love and give everyone all of my love. I need to do so much and I need to do so little. I need to let go more and more and more. I need to stop whispering his name in the back of my throat. I need to walk towards the light and let more time grow between us like scaly tendrils. I need the light, I need the light. The wind on my skin and the magic of the world in my mouth. I need to shout it and I need to awaken it. Again and again, find it in a thousand, million ways. I need to be it. To become it. To transform it.


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