If I could meet you in the morning, I would. Raise the misty skies to the new horizon and chase you down the path to the edge of the sea. To the edge of the sea I’d see all new great dawns being born. I’d do it again. I’d do it again. I’d do it all right this time. I’d come to you clean and clear and without so much wind in my hair. Just breathless and open and ready to be ready to be found and lost and buried underground. I’d be healed and I’d be whole and we’d walk, we’d walk together towards that infinite shore that was always lapping up around us. We’d find the time and we’d erase the time and we’d start over. We’d start over. And we’d know that we don’t know that we can never know how it will end but we should always know that we know each other more than we can say.


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