10 Weeks

I love every inch and scrap of this magnificent being that is my child. That is my son. That holds my whole heart and my whole being and will never let go. And I pray he wil never let go. And I pray I will get to share the adventure of this life with him. Always. Always in all ways.
Here we go, here we go. 10 weeks along and nearly 11. And that is impossible to believe, just impossible. He feels as though he’s teething and I imagine I see a little white bump in the back of his mouth. He laughs and smiles and just yesterday started really holding things. He takes baths with me and has outgrown his infant insert (that happened at maybe 8 weeks?) in the ergo. He can move his head around and hold it up a little when he’s on his tummy. I just started lifting him up into the air “flying” for fun yesterday. He is so wonderful, so loving, so perfect in every way. He still sleeps between my legs for comfort but last night he slept for 6 hours because I put his pacifier in rather than feeding. He is drooling like CRAZY and always has hands in mouth now.
And today, the day he turned 11 weeks, here he goes blowing bubbles out of his mouth like a raspberry and walking in the tub his very first little steps.

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