9 Weeks

He is amazing. Amazing. We’ve been to Hun, and Arcadia and on hikes. He got his first 2 month vaccinations and that was terrifying. He was 13.7 pounds at that appointment and 24.25 inches (he grew 2 inches in a month). He is so full of life and smiles and laughter and joy. He now fits in to his 3 month clothing and even some 6 month clothing. I am madly, madly, madly in love and I will never stop loving him from now until the end of time. If all of life could be this blissful, minute and majestically powerful. It is everything, it is all.

8 Weeks, One day

life life life and love love love and all things whistling around the great big tree

the whirling gag of giggles of gold leafed lovenotes
Always and always you’ll be here and I’ll be here and I’ll be desperately, desperately in love with you. This is a dream, the most wonderful dream. Vibrant and alive and flowing and fluid and learning, learning, learning so much. It is everything I could imagine and more. It is so much better than they say, it is so much better than you can imagine. It is pure love at it’s finest. Distilled, refined, let loose, let free, let wild. It is wise love dripping from the sea. It is soft love sanguine and green. It is all things, all things, all things hidden under the tree. It is magic and moonlight and the mirror ball of light. It is love, it is love, it is love.

7 Weeks, One Day

He’s laughing. He’s certainly laughing now. It is joy and it is peace and it is everything I never knew I have always wanted all my life. This is the best, this is the best, this is the best time of my entire life. Sweet light and soft air and singular moments of silent sweet stares. The state of my being is radiant at best and billowing at times. His love is amazing his light is quite blinding. He’s soft and he’s sweet and he’s full of his soul. Just wonder and wonder and awe in his eyes and if I can catch even a side-swipe of that magic it is more than I could ever ask for in ten thousand years of this life. It’s perfect, it’s amazing and all I could bless on anyone else is a piece of a piece of the joy that it is. That could heal the world. This love.

7 Weeks Old

Only love. All love. All minutes of all days of all moments that fuse and fumble and find themselves a part of me. All him, all day, every day. Just love, just love, just love. Peace and grace and little moments when his face lights up and his soul sings through smiles. Smiles and laughs and the assurance that this the greatest job in the world. That I am the luckiest. And this is worth everything and everything and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Perfect little baby laughs. Thank you.