I pray for his magnificent soul. That I might never forget the glory of these beautiful moments. That I will always be grateful for the way his eyes light up and the way his love seems to pour through his mouth. 

I adore his tiny movements, his passionate outcries, the swell of his tongue within his mouth, his gurgles, grunts and squeals. The earth shattering crack of his cry when it hits full volume (which is so, so very rare). I love watching him grow and transform held in my little arms…his little arms entwined in mine. I love watching him sleep, feeling him breathe, letting him nurse and nurse and suck from the world all that he needs. I love breastfeeding him. I love being with him in all his moods- high and low and deep and soft and gurgling. 
I love the light that filters in through our window in the morning and the effortless love that billows through our hearts. I love myself because of the way that I love you. And that is all there is. And this is all that matters. And this is what I was born to do. And this is love, and this is real, and this is life. 

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