Dearest sweet Jamie,

Hello my love. You’re about to be born and you have no idea just how much I love you. Desperately, desperately already. You are perfect, you are lovely, you are brave and I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to meet you. To take care of you. To love you and give you this love. I can’t wait to learn who you are. I pray that you will be strong and soft…simple and complex…dynamic and wild and full of life. I pray that your eyes will see and your heart will thump and you will experience the incomprehensible magic of being alive. I pray that you will pray, one day, to the universe or the God or the love of your choosing. I hope that you will have hope, faith and light and that I will be able to share these things with you. I hope you will run and read and roll around in sweet grass. I hope you will remember your childhood with great love and that you will move into manhood with confidence and grace. I hope we will be friends and that we will learn from each other. Always, always, always. I hope you love with wide eyes and an open heart. I hope you reach for magic and find the hope and bliss in every tiny wish. I hope you listen and I hope you refuse to listen to anything that is not your truth. I hope you have a long life…full of hope and wonder and loss and bliss and transformation. I hope you experience the wonder of growth and transformation. Of laughter and of rain. I hope you create whatever it is you are made to create. I hope you hear your own song and sing it always. I hope you give back to the world and I hope the world gives you everything you deserve. I hope you get to see days of moonshine and summer rain and soft gentle snowfalls in silence. I hope your heart is full and that someone will be brave enough to take it in their hands and hold it. I hope you are full and satisfied and blessed by the grace of this great earth. Above all, for you I wish love. Love in infinite forms, out of every sublime gesture of the world. I wish childhood and grace and tenderness and I wish manhood and independence and space to fly. I wish you flight and I wish you sky. Open air and new beginnings. Over and over again I wish you life. I wish you life. I wish you life.
I love you. I cannot wait to meet you. Every fiber of my being knows every shred of your being is filled with light and love. Light and love. Light and love. Here’s to our life together. Let it begin and let it be beautiful and let it be alive.
Forever and always,
Your mother

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