We will all find our way there, I believe. Follow the ground, follow your feet, follow your intuition.

Cultivate intuition, grace, character, grit and spirit.

Flow towards that everlasting sun which is splaying out at all sides sighing- come child, you are made of the making dust…you are formed of the forming rust of solid hands and feet. You are part of the presence of the earth and you are piecing together the bits of love that are tucked away into the secret places in your soul and spine that once were labeled “mine.” You are learning how to give, how to grieve and how to grow backwards and forwards towards another person. How to miss the moments that you should have caught and how to be aware that you are now aware of things that otherwise slipped under the radar. Stay awake. Stay aware. Continue to grow in love for people and places and feelings and fruitions. Let the world conspire to be magnificent love. Let your honest heart rock you and sway you to the edge of helpless love. Radiate in all directions the resonant power that you have always had within you. Tap into that youth. Feel your innocent child, your sublime pre-teen confusion your rapturous teenage hips…feel all those things ever present and reverberating across time and space and your endless, effortless body of eternity. Feel it, feel it, feel it and trust it. 

Come feel the wind, come feel your desolate friendship, come feel your wound up wind turbines swarming around the sea. Come feel the story inside of you itching to get out. Come feel the poetry just beyond you always trying to touch the edge of your fingertips. 

Breathe and sense and become senseful. Dissolve into the absolute surrender of the sublime love.