When the earth dragged our the rage from the core of its mantle, it flew…forming and pushing with a great wave of oceanic heaving. When the earth broke through crust, crumble and crude design to become the ultimate form of everlasting green, grey and gold…it breathed. It heaved. Great lungs heaving wild chunks of atmosphere into the sky. Great winds shuffling old words into new worlds into new formations of land. Rocks cracked and sparked like sighing wildabeasts and eventually sank, snugly fit together like ancient puzzles gasping at gravity. We all fell, like honest bits of rain, like sad lost handkerchiefs of the dawn of man down from lost white windows of clouds, dusts of stars and immortalized bits of mineral and minutiae. We pushed together like grace, we grew together in the tiniest race- silent and soothing and serving only the great and wild immeasurable us that we were. We fought time and essence, danger and breath and we breathed together…we fumbled for light and we grew with our arms flopping and flaying like mindless wings of the universe reaching evermore for the just beyond. We reached evermore for the just beyond. We grasped, we grumbled, we grew and one day, we forgot that we were new. 


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