i am a slow falling courage ball

a turpentine wet ball of wild

the child of my inner rage the child of my inner rage

i keep moving

i keep finding the same letter eye staring me in the face

i keep sitting

i keep finding that revolutionary world revolving slow steady burning around me

i am kindly peeling off layers and i keep whispering to my skin

it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok…the world is soft and safe.

it’s ok, it’s ok, it;s ok…your skin wasn’t meant to stick to your body. anyway, any way, any


i keep finding i keep finding

nothing just lost treasure

nothing of use, nothing to be used, nothing for utilization

consternation, frustration, a nation of sandpaper eyes and pools of saturn goodbyes

i keep keeping my belongings close to my chest

tight to my timeline

tucked into my terror

laced into my language

i keep cornering myself in the morning


night knight gknight

how do you spell how do you smell how do i

keep keeping the kept

how do i keep letting go

of the go






keep going.

the truth is it feels like magic when it works

feels like grace when it flies

feels like courage when it denies

the truth is it feels like floating through air

like bundling throb neurones through lightbulbs through cataracts

the reacts of the release through the gap in trust and teeth

through the silent formation of a pursed lip poem tiny words eking out of the side of your mouth

this is what happens when we chat over coffee

i see your life slide away like great patterns of light

i categorise your words your silent syllables

i translate your subtle body your shapeless drifting

i kam a floating timespace


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