I tried to find you again. I tried to find myself again. I tried to squeeze myself between my faith and my fortune….look God straight in the eyes and tell him I know that I don’t know that I know nothing. I am sliding again. Full of fear and desperation. Full of too many choices and wonderful chances. Full of hope and bliss, wonder and trust. Full of the light of the evening as it trickles in through my everywhere. I can no longer find but I can follow. I can hear the hollow beating of my own steps in flight. I can love…with two fingers, three legs and all twelve appetites for faith. I can dissolve like light. 

I keep finding myself here. Deliriously joyous. Satisfyingly full. Everlastingly empty. Where where where does my heart belong. To who to who to what to when? I thought I knew once. I thought I knew once. And this uncertainty is delicious.

There we were, there we were. Here we are.


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