So I guess that’s it isn’t it…no one WANTS to think about it. No one WANTS to confront it. So we sit before our demons and we bow down helplessly as if this is the only possible way that time could flow. As if we have chained ourselves to our own indescressions and it is impossible to step out of the game and look at our reflections. 

Well fine…maybe it’s inconvenient for you..but someone has to raise the flag. Someone has to sit in revolution and someone has to pound their fist on the table. Some change has to happen. There is SO much work to be done. Endless, endless work. Endless ages of plodding towards a better future…and most people do not even want to admit that there is anything wrong. I judge things primarily on whether or not they help us forward to where we want to go or not. And of course, who am I to declare where we need to go and why. No one. But the vision is simple and the vision is general and the vision is based on goodness. A future where we can live peacefully with the earth and with ourselves. Where we can focus on other human frailties and weaknesses and we don’t have to struggle for the very right to be alive. 

It’s true…it’s true…I don’t even know where to begin to begin to begin. But I have hope. I have fire. I have voice and I have reason. I have trust and I am going to SCREAM for this earth until my blood burns hot. And slowly, slowly, slowly…they will begin to listen. And we will begin the great mending. And we will begin. Together. 


And I will keep repeating. And I will keep repeating. Until the breath is sucked from my bones…we are more than this…we are more than this. We can fly, we can fly. We are magic. We are magic. Yes. Yes. We can be whole. We can be even just a step above what we are now. We can be galaxies further than what we are now. We have to start believing in ourselves. 


So. I am growing, developing. I feel more connected. I feel more patient. I feel more willing. Bright and fierce with energy. I want so much. I want so much. My dreams are the highest they can be. 


“You know this rock. You know it in a way that has nothing to do with calendars and the covers of souvenir books. Your knowledge of this rock is grounded in something much more elemental. In some odd way that you don’t understand and can’t begin to articulate you feel an acquaintance with it- a familiarity on an unfamiliar level. Somewhere in the deep sediment of your being some long-dormant fragment of primordial memory, some little severed tail of DNA, has twitched or stirred. It is a motion much too faint to be understood or interpreted, but somehow you feel certain that this large, brooding, hypnotic presence has an importance to you at the species level- perhaps even at a sort of tadpole level-and that in some way your visit here is more than happenstance. I’m not saying that any of this is so. I’m just saying that this is how you feel.” – Bill Bryson on Uluru


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