Well surely, today happened at least. And if for one moment I stand on the precipise and call out to the wind and shout my name to the reverberate hills…that might be enough for me. That might be enough for me.

Life wraps around me like mrrning dew and stuffs me inside of my pockets…life spins me round with querilous indecision. Life is small hands and bright courage. Life is today and today is a series of shouts and sighs. Life is grieving for all those too awake to be called simply alive. Life is the most wonderful gift of all and I am at the center of a hurricane, watching it all spin out from under me. 
I am thankful for so much. For so many graces.
I promise to my feet to walk farther than I ever thought was possible. I promise to my bones to live closer to heaven and earth than I ever thought was possible. I promise to strength and grace and truth that we have many more miles to go…and many more worlds to see…and many more fears to conquer. I am only a beginning. A seed of a seed of a root called life in a distant dream named Australia. The trees go for miles and all I can see are questions and answers without words. The meaning in the forest is so deep, so wide, so honest…I can barely hear a whisper of the name. Life barrels on like a bird brain, like a two-toned slice of hope. Life carols and sings and sweetens and hope hollows holes in the depths of your light.
I will keep following the curves and sweeps of mother nature…trying to find the beginning and end to her body. Trying to speak to the ground, to touch through the solid square nostrils of reality. 

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