I am running again. I am almost certain of it. Uphill, both ways, sideways and through. I am spinning in circles and dancing in dreams. I am courage and capsized and all but nearly myself. And I love the ferns outside of m window fathering sunlight like grace I love the calls of windless birds that cackle at the morning as if the air was seeping out jokes only they could hear. I love the silent sweet surrender of my body to the day…how the clouds roll over with white indecision and how Sydney calls again…once more against the bleating heart of the day. I love the bones in my feet that smile together, bending like mindless branches in a tree of certainty. Here we are, here we are. Once more again beating our hearts against the din of the day. Here we are, here we are, the light glows courage and my feet babble your name to the grand mutterings of the hills. Well dig in, dig in, dig in, Slide out. Let’s get grounded, let’s get rooted, let’s get miles and miles of movement between our toes. And maybe…things will stay like this forever. 

I feel much nearer to my heart…but less afraid to slide through time…much more constant in the waves and curves of my body…I feel, I feel…I kneel before the light of day and I say…this is it. This is time. This is grace. And this is me. And this is life.

Here we fly.


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