I knew you once in memory. Now in thought, now in hopeless dreaming whisper. I knew you once in cascades of curling hills…in whisky river thrills and in cotton mouthed futures of faith. I knew you once the way I knew myself. Like a long winded poem with no beginning or end…just a constantly swirling sentence of sentiments neither here nor there nor within nor without. 

I’ve been swimming in the south pole of certainty…I’ve been wallowing around the edges of saturn winds. I’ve been swinging and swollen and dancing and dreaming and nothing and no one has been quite like today. I’ve been gazing and gracing and galloping apace. Reading on nooks and books of old trains that rattle and whistle and grind to a halt. I’ve been pelting my body towards the pendulum of the sea and swimming round in wide circles in the breadth of her birth. I’ve been stealing small words from the round edges of clouds and stuffing them in pockets, in petticoats and in places no one yet, no one still will see. 
I’ve been sleeping until noon and drifting silently into space. Forever, forever and then out of our grace. 
I get tired with writing these days. It doesn’t thrill like it used to. It doesn’t slide out of my fingers like hot wax like it used to. It drips like marble marmalade and it it slithers like molten molasses. Nothing comes easy, nothing comes swiftly. The sea shuffles out and carries my soul out with the sun. I am tired, like a nurtured miracle. No nonsense and everything but anything to say. 
I am living in Sydney, Australia. Catching the sun on the wings of my tips…burning hard in the crevices of my skin. Folding new wrinkles into the tip toes of my under-eye baggage and milking muscles out of worn out old tissue. I am wandering until the pavement glows hot with the fire of noon…I am catching bits of bottled up shops and bundled up bridges…I am dipping my toes into the coolness of grass and the tissues of trees. I am slurping up the constant dream of harbor water that splashes against the side of every suburb. I am swelling with joy and dissolving with taste…I am twisting and tasting and turning quite constant towards the allure of azure. The subtle hues of the sky as it bunches up for pictures. I am living in Sydney, Australia and having the most wonderful of wonders. I am having real life burst through my bones.

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