I am swirling around the tip of my own tongue, tasting memories as they reflect and refract on the back of my bird boned brain. I am small and lifeless and starting to fill up like a balloon with wet hot soul. I am learning my own name, how to walk with my own feet and how to feed this particular ball of bones which is my stomach. I am learning always how to appease this great wind which rules my body. No one, I can say..knows any more or any less than everything that has ever existed. No one knows the way the light of the moon glistens….the way the subtle stinging songs of crickets pierce the veritable silence in your own eyes. I am silence and sweetness and I am ready to keep existing for many more. 



many more, many less…i’ve sank my seat into the finality of diress. this this this, this is how i want to live. with poetry coming out of my ears.


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