I lived once, on a castle on a hill. Nestled in the sweet arms of grey stones and silver, white bones…the trust of my lover’s teeth and the taste of the buzzing twilight. I lived once, for many months on end…in a helpless dazing awe of you…letting you sing by me as you whistled through my life. I wrote once, for many nights on end…trying to win you back. I never did. I never did. I capsized in a boat made for two…for me and you and all the moondust we let in. I live now in country on the sea…a continent floating rightside up on the upside down surface of the world. I live in city made for several million where I can still hear the chirp of insects outside my window. I live in love once again and love to live once again 


I want to act. I want to breathe. I want to live and I want to collect my soul before it slips out of my pores.


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