Drink from the pool of art around you.

nothing and everything and everything again. the soul of your soul of your soul exists not merely within your body, but within every cell that bounces between this jumble of consciousness and the huge vast breath of the breadth of the universe that spreads expands like herculean lungs and sends shivers down the silvery spines of all that stands, shouts, reaches towards the beginning and the end and the ultimate, unending union we are, have and have been. we are the reaching. the unending feeling. we are the nonsense mongery. the word beyond all the words. the trust beyond all truths.
we are rooted, we are flying we are fleeting and we are everything and nothing. we are hungry and we are raining like every last word we are. listen to the words, to the intention, to the direction of directionless floating and flopping.

i’m going to live in a world one day where everybody gets it. where everyone is chilled to the bone and ripped to the point of shouting with ecstasy. i’m going to live in a time where time is felt, breathed, satiated and left wide open and heaving. i’m going to be surrounded by people who live on the edge of their minds- constant creators who give birth to new thoughts in the morning and dwell on possibility in the evening. i’m going to live with people who would never dream of missing that elusive moment when the first evening star pokes its head out of the great wandering veil of the sky. i’m going to chew, digest, become the very essence of a wave that is constantly crashing. i’m going to awake and run as fast as i can through the hills of glowing lavender, the wild meadows of untamed heather, and up through the trees growing solid and unchanging.


this world will change. explode, dissolve, evolve, collapse. i know it i feel it i believe it and i need it. i need it. 


and yet at some unbearable truth, i find that i’m alright. finally, finally. i can live in this world. because i can find those peaceful evolutions happening within the fabric of this slowly churning river. i can see the faces of strangers tilting upwards towards the sky. i can feel the soft renewal of the hope that beats through blood vessels. i exhale and my little bits of today are cascading into silent shelves of leaves. 


and is it enough? is it ever enough? when will we know when it is complete? is it possible to complete. to reach the end of human evolution? to be all that we can be. to reach the venter of the universe, turn around and gaze outward? forever outward? bounce our radar eyes off the filmy skin that holds the edges of the universe together? approach that great wide net and see it all- projected in a thousand frequencies of sacred light- all that is all. and to know the shape of things abounding. is it possible? is that truly a goal worth grasping? is it possible to live in that silent wonder? to know our names and sing them proudly? unafraid and unabashed. 


i will get somewhere. i will get where i’m going. i will grow where i am flowing and i will 


but the thing that it is is the thing that it’s not. we have this thought and those thoughts and piles of pure dream thought. we have 



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