This is a today and today I feel all the force of gravity that pulls on me. Sucks my civil skin straight through my pipes and levers. I am all and I am falling and I cannot wrap my head around it.

No I cannot wrap my head around this violence. Distract myself from the possession of the world’s grief. The earth is mourning and there is no end, no answer, no change in sight. There is hope. Hope on a string in the sound of a hurricane, dangling, balancing, dancing on a sweet breath of life’s youth. 


Time lingers on, freezes me in my tracks. The air is cool and listless here- it listens to itself for hours before deciding to blow in a new direction. Everything has direction here. Even words seem to bounce, pull and press towards me and away from me. 


The earth has tendency, trepidation and sensation here. It steps towards me and begs to solid. It drags and herds small factions of infinite life. It conducts an orchestra of silently swelling sounds towards a massive connection of roots, shoots and slides. 


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