I think I have words now. Mabye not the words…but words enough to speak, to splutter, to trn my head to the clutter of this gargantuan chess game and smile at the wind for the similes it gives me in the sun. Time enough to type, to walk, to utter a muttered syllable. Love enough to wrap my hands around, firm and taught yet full of empty space. Full of eyes that have stared longingly into the sea. Full of bones that have wearily cracked, fractured, twisted themselves into shapes and solitudes. Full of memories…the kind that beat under my chest and inside my veins and pull me…deep funneling criss crossed pathways back to the path. Back to the path. Back to the backbeat of the street…the hum of distant words, unformed names, barely tasted lullabyes. I have love in my cells, surrendered and solid. I have brains in my pocket and enough logic to form a riddle and feel it dissolving in my liquid mouth. I have swallowed poetry in fistfuls and in thimblefuls and I have loved you. I have loved you for many years now, silently, sweetly, heart breakingly an achingly. 


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