this is the place.
the walls adorned with me and you and bits of all the things i knew. the place where i grew, where i sift through my skin and bones in a cubicle made for claiming. in a dressing gown made for old empty dreamcatchers, soft silver linings, delicately folded photographs gathering dust and dreams in the corner, cobwebs of circumstance and all the pomp and prestige of proposing that i am still here. i still inhabit this uninhibited hibernation cove. this is the place for placing my memories all around the edges of my elastic earring heart. let me let go of time. let me let flow the rhyme, the movement and the moment. 


shh shh- silence the big balls of broken open meaningcatchers
let me listen to the sound of dust mites collecting what i have already given away.



Sometimes I feel weightless, like all my skin dissolvies into merely cells solves themselves and sorting themselves by name and color and I am peaceful, dissolving into the clouds, the trees, the secret hues of the sky and the subtle blue news of the lapping lake. I sift and slide right through my soul, into the sound of that lake. Watery and weird I wobble out, hands and feet, no head, no legs, just torso and the torture of not being able to be fully anywhere- seemingly stretched like piles of perched skin atop everything floating future. I become the land, the sea and all the silver harmonies between and above. I believe in the bottomless boat of brilliant hues of color. I believe in color corroding between my ears, eyes, heart and soul. The heat of healing and the art of kneeling before the beyond that beckons at every branched benchmark of belonging. I believe in time and this slow and effortless journey from myself to the great self that surrounds and sustains. I believe in this strange and wonderful journey, the jolting confusion that exists in my mind and the desolate destruction I have done to myeslf by not expressing it fully. I’ve lost so many words, but now is the time. Now is the time to reclaim my beaty and to set aside my sadness and swim back into the wide ocean of edgeless and unending echoes from the Majestic Mystery that hums its music from the horizon. This is now.


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