then comes faith, flying around a temple of time.


i’d like to say, to the wind, at last, at least, at every living edge of my spiney membrane- i am here. i am present in this ineffable presence. i am perfect, i am round i am weary of worrying about whether or not i am shaped by the weather or the weathering of my own brain against my bones- the curved collection of my skull on display through the ridges and ropes and arrows of my hair meeting my forehead. through the skin that sings with sentiments and sensuous slitherings. through the lenses and languages that lace around my eyes. through the communion of my mouth to my mind through the great whispering wonder of my windpipes clattering against my voicebox. it’s today. it’s now. it’s never nearer than always. i’d like to say…come ALIVE. 


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