well she’s got coal dust in her soul, doesn’t she

well she’s got moon shine in her heart, isn’t that what that is? the little boxes of burning truth and time and the new path you burned you boiled you soiled and toiled and rubberized the rain.


maybe we all know these things all within the collective unconscious and we just can’t remember them. maybe there are a thousand different realities all happening at the same time. maybe it’s all so much deeper and SO much more profound than i could ever put into words. maybe my words are the music i see through. see through the veil. the only thing i can know is that i know nothing, that most of what i see and feel is illusion and that truly…the world is just playing, just experimenting. that somewhere there is a divine voice laughing at me for getting so caught up in the words.

jolt jolt jolt yourself out of your patterns, pretenses and premonitions to find this organic EXPERIENCE that is happening and sustaining you ALL of the time. every moment of everyday. learn learn learn and then EXPLODE. and KNOW that you KNOW nothing. 

remember it’s just a dream. get far outside of all the things that control and contrive you and be free, floating and on fire. 

be SOUL. 



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