so so so always, so forever so i am here, writing now reeling wrapping trapping and turning and i can only say that i love. i can only fight for what i know. i am forever.

drink it in drink it down, drip it through, drag it up, drown it in dreary droplets of odorous rain.
today i feel like fire.

i am creating a huge wonderworld made out of undershirts and pounding flesh

you can hear what you are you can feel what you square, what you share, what you need what you feed what you filter and tilt and create.


Now I know why I sometimes find the buddhist guru hippie stuff to ring false for me…because they are ALL the same and they all have the same experience, words, thoughts, smiles. It is wonderful, but seemingly unoriginal. And what is new, vital, connected, creative is always ALIVE and changing and in flux and vitally responsive to the world and how it is glowing NOW. To the wind of EVERYTHING. To letting it ALL in and having a myriad of colors. 

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