the bad news is i’m terribly awake
the good news is no more words can find me
where i’ve gone, where i’ve left the tumbling tracks of tenuous tidal waves
the trenches of truth and the turbulance of terror
laced and wracked with wrath and facets of faces
little wringlets of love trapped inside all of our teeth.

today was a day of desperate pleas to the proud and the pure. today was moist and malign and magnificent. today held a boundless bounty of bindings together under the beautiful brainy brine of the birth canal named time. today space and time met for the first time to say hello, to say the sayings of twisted twigs and twining appetites. she said take it in stride, she said layer it with pride, she said, she said, she said all things will purify in time. she said all sayings are just repititions of the fraying edge between gravity, greed, grime and gorgeous.

well this is bliss isn’t it, wrapped up in a tidal wave of time and trickled down through the teeth of truth. this is a day and this is moment shredding away through the magic of the moon and the mystery of the madhouse within and without. i am sculpting a shape of myself that resembles a body and i am sending it out in waves and washes of words to greet the blue carpet of sky that abounds and surrounds our little subtle skins. i greet the evening, i shake the morning awake, i tumble through the turbulence of being truly alive and now i find that all of our ancestors sit on our shoulders and shriek as loudly as they can through the wind just so that one drop of one syllable might eek into our ears and lead us into the space of love where all things linger and listen. to the shape beyond form and the form beyond color. to the music residing in every sight and the vision hiding in every blank abyss. to the everythingmachine.

to the life liver. give love to the lingering lullaby. rocking, rocking, saying forward, forward and beyond.

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